Bold challenges in new fields

Life It Labo was created in July 2020 through the establishment and division of the prepared food processing division of Eppuron Foods, a food supermarket headquartered in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.

While Epron Foods has long provided food to local customers, Life It Labs aims to enrich society by connecting people around the world through the provision of new value, while valuing the safety and security that we have cultivated through our food.

Main Services

Life It Labo, Inc. is primarily engaged in the following services.

  • “Nanoka”, a high-class catered lunch box, gift and order EC “Nanoka Store”
Add color to your hospitality, meetings, and various gatherings with our boxed lunches.
  • Food manufacturing for food supermarkets
Manufacture and sale of cut vegetables, prepared foods, meal kits, etc. for food supermarkets.
  • Export and Import service
We export and import various commodities.

Product List

  • Training programs services
Various types of training are provided upon customer request.

Contact US0565-87-1140受付時間 9:00~18:00[土日・年始除く]