Today, the world is undergoing remarkable technological innovation, and people’s lifestyles are changing in many respects. In the future, changes in industrial structure will accelerate in all business fields, creating more and more new business opportunities in the world.

Our company was spun off from the prepared food production division of a food supermarket in July 2020.

By placing ourselves in new business opportunities while maintaining the sense of responsibility and rigor we have developed in food production, we hope to continue to grow and enrich society by connecting and delighting people around the world with the provision of new value.

We at Life It Labo will continue to take on the challenge of being “Life x IT” for people through our existing prepared food manufacturing business and our “Shunsai Bento Nanoka” home delivery service business, as well as through the development of new businesses such as import/export and e-sports related businesses. We will continue to challenge ourselves to be “Life x IT” for people.

We look forward to your continued support and patronage.

Satoshi Noda

Life it Labo President

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